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An eight episode interview: psychiatrist Dr. F. La Marr Heyrend reveals                                                     several areas of a

society corrupt -- human atrocity American style -- adolescent slaves in penitentiaries. 


The Slave Ship

Ludwig van Beethoven

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Human atrocity American style plays out in this radio drama with the actual kidnapping and transporting of African Slaves.

Not for children; this radio drama is what nightmares are made of.

In Trilogy we play 3 songs in a row of the same artist,

in the live intimate nightclub atmosphere.

And, you get an encore – if you clap and cheer loud enough.


A story of ongoing U.S. financial fraud

and of the woman who discovered it.


Dic Danger is a funny little detective who seldom figures anything out on his own, but somehow, stumbles upon answers needed to solve the case.

His planned rendezvous with aliens from outer-space reveals the criminal plot used in the attack on 9/11. He knows who the traitor is, then sets out to bring this scum to justice.


Slavery Today in the U.S.A.

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Power To Make A Difference Radio Show